Steve Gunn covers The Smiths - The Lagniappe Sessions

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    1. celibate
      been a lot of Smiths covers , this one is above average, as long as you don't fix on the original with Morrissey's unique voice and singing.

      I must admit Steve Gunn didn't choose the easiest songs, 2 wonderfull Smiths songs.
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    2. gordyboy9
      hes got a very relaxing voice,certainly a very good effort.liked how he describes going through lots of AA batteries listening to louder than bombs over n over on his walkman,,think we have all been there with that one.
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    3. AztecCamera
      I reckon me think this would be more authentic if that chap was in front of The Sunset Marquis, Hollywood Forever Cemetery, or better yet, the Costco in Calabasas.
    4. Anonymous
      What`s your Skype ID?
    5. gordyboy9
      iv never done skype,wouldnt know how.
    6. Anonymous
      Oh who could possibly care

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