Steve Diggle (Buzzcocks) Mentions Morrissey In His Book

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I'm most way through Steve Diggle's book 'Harmony In My Head''.
Nothing earth shattering but thought I'd share the following Morrissey references.....

On being a punk in 1976/77
''Even later on Morrissey started to get noticed, he would get chased down the street in his high heels. He was into the New York Dolls: he would dress up like them and literally have to run for his life. You don't want that. Full respect to him, but when you lived in a close knit community, you f***ing well stick out in high heels.''

On questioning where the money the Buzzcocks were making was going
''Our overheads were massive, Richard Boon (Buzzcocks manager) had signed up The Decorators and Ludas (Linder's band). The New Hormones office was like a homeless people's drop in centre. Total strangers drifted in off the street...... People were constantly using the phone and helping themselves to petty cash. Morrissey was always in there on the f***ing phone....''

On the bands 3rd album
''The album was more mature and a lot darker than anything we'd done before. The pop songs had gone - apart from 'Say you don't love me', which was crap''

And on Mike Joyce joining the band in 1990 (after the previous years reunion)
Luckily John (Maher's*) departure was wasn't the nightmare I envisaged because Mike Joyce of the recently disbanded The Smiths came to the rescue. He was an absolutely ideal replacement: a fellow Manc who had been a huge fan of the band 1st time around. He told me the reason he took up drums in the first place was becasue he was so inspired by John's playing. Mike joining was good for all concerned. He was a strong powerful drummer and his playing bought a fresh feel to the songs. He was also well known because of The Smiths. It was as if we were carrying on a bloodline between two generations of Manchester's finest.
Mike's first gigs with us was on the 1990 Australasian and Japanese tours, the beginning of two year's constant roadwork''

* John Maher is - as you all know - Johnny Marr's original name and the reason why he changed it to avoid confusion between the two of them!

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thanks for this but is steve Diggle right. I thought it was James maker who wore the heels, not that it matters anyway. I just thought it would have been mentioned before.
using the phone really!!!!!!
is the book any good ?

Yes it is good..... apart from silly errors such as the miss spellings of Manchester districts such as Mosside and Mosston...

I was unaware that Devoto rejoined the band for a few gigs when the bass guitarist left and also Barry Adamson played about four gigs too, until the replacement had learnt all the songs. Details of the USA tours were an insight too and the rifts between the punk bands playing on the same tour (The Pistols and The Clash, The Pistols and The Damned).

The book was £3 from Fopp, so yes, well worth it:guitar:

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