Stereogum: "The Smiths’ Johnny Marr & Andy Rourke Are On A New Song Together For The First Time In 35 Years" (November 17, 2022)


Do not hold your breath waiting for Johnny Marr and Morrissey to collaborate in any capacity again, but those holding out for some form of Smiths reunion can exhale. When Marr opened for the Killers at Madison Square Garden in September, Smiths bassist Andy Rourke joined him for a run through “How Soon Is Now?” and “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out.” Now Marr and Rourke have appeared on a song together for the first time in 35 years.

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I wish Andy well. He really fell on hard times after the Smiths and it seems like he has been endlessly trying (and failing) to get some new ‘project’ off the ground ever since. Glad that he is still close to Johnny.
Listening to this now . . . Grateful for it. Please can anyone give the writing credits for this?
I didn’t click on the article but the few lyrics that kissmyshades posted above look like they belong to the dance remix that never should have seen the light of day of an oasis parody band
why isn't this posted in "other music"?
No offense to poor Andy, but this is utter shit
They say it took Leonard Cohen about five years to complete his song "Hallelujah". I'd say Leonard's time was better spent. "...Rourke and Blaggers had been working on it since Jan. 2020..."
What’s wrong with ya folks?! this is just a taste of where The Smiths could have gone if Johnny and Andy had their way.

Lol ……….… 👇
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Not my cup of tea, but glad to hear that Andy is still doing the odd musical project. If memory serves Johnny initially asked if he wanted to be involved on 'The Messenger', so in another world he could possibly have been chugging away in Johnny's solo band for the past decade, but I guess that would have meant relocating back to the UK, and Andy has never seemed that serious about committing to being in a band post-The Smiths. This looks like another one of those part-time project bands - but again, nice to know he hasn't hung up the bass completely.
According to that Rolling Stone article, the song was written for a football anti-discrimination campaign. The lyrics are supposed to be slogans and simple.
Musically. as good as a number of M songs in the last 15 years or so. Voice and lyrics not a patch on any of M's songs ever.
Good luck to them though, it sounded like they had fun
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