Stephen Wright interview on the Salford Lads Club photo




Meanwhile Paul Slattery, who took some photos of The Smiths in the early days has been sending threatening messages to 15-year old girls on Tumblr for posting his shitty photos and having their blogs shut down because "it takes food out of his mouth".

I can't tell you how many girls were hysterically crying because of his harassment. When you're a kid, having some old man shut down your blog and send you nasty messages calling you fat and telling you to outside just because you posted a photo of 24 year old Morrissey you think is cute is very upsetting. Even after they deleted his photos it continues to happen.
I'm guessing Wright is the guy on the right. The other guy would have given me the damn creeps as a lad. I would not leave my own lads anywhere near that guy based upon looks alone. Belligerent Ghoul ...Ambitious Outsider...
That's awful. At least he's not watching kids. Chompers is our man- best line I have ever received as a response. Thanks for cracking me up.


Nice article with details of Moz's love of the photos and how Johnny was hard to photograph because he always looked so pale . As Wright says now days you would have 5 or 6 extras to help with lighting , make-up and positioning. Back then it was just one excited yet nervous man trying to get a good shots of the biggest band in Manchester. Great how Stephen Wright is now a member of the Salford Lads club. Wonder what the club looks like inside ?

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