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I am hoping to transfer ownership of a website domain to a fan of Morrissey, The Smiths, Blur.

It is Stephen Streets old internet home (domain/website) of approx 5 years called:

Here is the reason as to why I am posting this message. (Allot of detail, for those interested)

My son was casually clicking about the internet looking at Morrissey articles and so forth, when he noticed a website link on one of the pages. He clicked on it and it became apparent that the website (also known as a ‘domain’) had expired and was about to go to a domain provider/registrar auction for sale.

We contacted Gotham Producers by email where Stephen was resided at that time and also spoke to the secretary at the front desk by telephone in hope to warn Stephen, but to no avail. It was not possible to contact Stephen direct. Time was running out, just a couple of days to go. We also did not want to advertise the domains condition online as it was just about to go to auction.

A day or so later, we then noticed that it was in the final stage and it was pretty much impossible for anyone to prevent it going to auction.

So we registered to the auction and we luckily won the website.

We then produced a very simple homepage for the website to say:

“This site is reserved for Stephen Street and shall be back up and running soon,
in the meantime please visit Gotham Producers for some of Stephens projects and links.”

We placed a temporary administrator email address on the home page. Also, eventually, we added“(this is not Stephen’s Email)” as many people were emailing us, asking for help with mixing/producing and so forth, so this helped reduce the emails from fans a bit. Please note, we never responded to any of these messages, as although we do own the website, we felt it really was not our business to do so, we just waited for Stephen or his staff to email us.

Time ticked on, about 3 years, nothing much happened, except for the requests of help from musicians, artists and so forth. Stephen still did not send a message, which was quite upsetting, especially for my son.

Why is any of this interesting or at all important?

The website has hyper-links (click-able links) on websites all around the internet, we counted over 600, so there may be thousands on many well known websites. These links send people to and pages within the website, so the content of the website should be respectable.

Only the owner/admin of the domain can control what content is viewable when people click on these many hyper-links, no matter where these links are located on the internet, so to own the website is very important.

Also the ownership of this website enables the owner to create the email accounts people had been using over those years, such as perhaps, [email protected] I could create that now but choose not to, as that would be immoral. Any forum or any account that used an old email address ‘may’ possibly be accessed with “I forgot my password”. And the many pages of the website could have degenerate material put on them.

This happens even to well known charities! We created the [email protected] so to await a response from him.

Stephen has, since all this, created a new website and uses twitter. He seems to not know the importance of hyper-links or maybe he thought our “reserved for Stephen Street” message that was up on the front home page for near 3 years was too good to be true. Well, fans do odd things don’t they! We could have put adverts up there or linked to other peoples content! But it wasn’t about the money. My son did it as a ‘thank you’. That was years ago now when we were all reasonably well off to do things like this. When we noticed he had made a new site we soon put up a sign to say we were taking offers, but then we took it down, and then put it back up again, as it did not feel right to sell someone else’s home but we also did not want to pay the subscription any more.

Since we won it at auction, we did not occupy the website (upload content) we just put a sign on the front page!

Unfortunate change of circumstance.

We are hoping to transfer ownership to someone else who cares enough to keep this website in good stead, to be a caretaker. A fan of Stephens work who will respect the website.

If you have never owned a website domain before, it is quite easy to transfer ownership and this can be arranged using the popular secure domain transfer service. It is the best option at present that we can see.

There is a contact email on the home page of website and also an escrow offer button.

If you are interested you will also need to sign up to a domain registrar such as (preferably hover, as that is where the website is presently stored and makes the process more easy) or if you prefer, you can use another domain registrar like namecheap or godaddy (but it will not be so straight forward, I am told as the site needs to be channeled across). The registrar you choose is where the domain will be kept under your control. It will probably take about 1 or 2 hours to do this if you are a inexperienced. I will help you along the way and stick with you until it is complete. You will need to pay approx £10 a year to keep the domain under your control, but remember, if you do not pay this yearly subscription the website goes to auction very fast and you will likely lose it, as Stephen did! So it is always wise to have ‘auto-renew’ on.

Once you own the website domain you can put up a default registrar home page (they usually put an advert type landing page). Or if you are a bit more keen you can host your own website/homepage design. Or you can simply “re-direct” all these many hyper-links around the internet to any webpage on the internet such as a facebook profile or maybe even to Stephen Streets twitter or his new website (it would only take a moment to do) It just depends how much you want to help.

I am trying to get this site in the hands of someone who cares. I am not just putting it up for auction on ebay. I could probably get a fair amount for that, but that was not the reason it was purchased it in the first place. It was to help out, one of those silly ‘fan things’ people do at times to try and help.

As you can see today the website is very simple at the moment. Just a message to say it is now available and a small picture link to, it is an offer button.

Perhaps you would like to be the new caretaker/owner, or maybe even a group of fans, perhaps?

Any questions or even suggestions, please email me.

Thank you for reading
all the best.


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I'm afraid I can't help with the website but this query led me to do a quick search and see if Stephen already had a web presence - then I saw this on Twitter. Seems to be going through a rough patch at the minute.

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sad to see stephen street is going through a shit time eapecially at this time of year.
interesting read,dont know if you will find anyone to take it over but good luck with it.
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