Stephen Street and Morrissey reacquainted?

An anonymous person writes:

Just been browsing Stephen Street's official site and saw this little blurb from his latest update (Dec '10):

"Oh, and one other thing. I recently met up with a certain Mr Morrissey for the first time in nearly 20 years. I think we were both apprehensive about meeting but after 5 minutes we were getting on so well it was truly a magical moment. I am so pleased to have met up with someone who has been such a big part of my musical journey after a prolonged period of time and I hope we can stay true friends for ever."​
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Never mind a Smiths reunion, he should reunite with Street, Reilly & Paresi, record a new album and then tour with them performing only material from said album and Viva Hate.


The idea of Moz reuniting with a drummer is interesting to say the least! That'll really improve things!

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I can't really say why, but this news makes me feel very happy.


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Nearly 20 years? I thought they fell out a good few years before the early 90s.

It would be good if Morrissey were to work with Street again, and interesting that he said they were both apprehensive about it - so it must have been a pre-planned meeting - can't feel apprehensive about just randomly bumping into someone.


Perhaps connected with remastering/reissuing/expandng Viva Hate?


I'm surprised Morrissey agreed to meet him after the amount of slagging off Street has done. But maybe he was just after Morrissey's attention all these years.


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Great news, I love Street! Admittedly, I don't think Street has ever been TOO harsh about Mozza.. He has always maintained the big man's a lyrical genius, and that's all that matters.

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Nobody caught this blurb before I guess?
Nonetheless, I have to admit I'd love Morrissey to go back to the Viva/Bona sound for the next album.
Work it out with Vini, too.


Nice , Street again.
But my choice, Boz Boorer , Ans Alain white!


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What a coincedence

Marr going telling he got in the studio to record some albums

Morrissey old remastered material + bonus, and a new recorddeal
and resting, going to gigs [not Ryan, he'd wish:lbf:] meet people
so he's busy getting new lyrics, maybe rough idea's how possible songs
in mind must be

now meeting steven street, and the manic street preachers adore
him, as Street seems like pick up where they broke 20 yeasrs ago

it's in Morrissey's mind what to do with all those positive
things happens with people he used to work with, and
who might like to work with him

...and than got awake from that beeping sound...



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The idea of Moz reuniting with a drummer is interesting to say the least! That'll really improve things!

Street is a producer - one of the best musical collaborators Moz was ever lucky enough to be blessed with after Marr. But Moz screwed him over about money, wouldn't pay him for his work. Sound familiar?


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After Finn ruining the last two of three records, I'd kill my own mother for Street to produce Morrissey's (final?) studio album.

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Morrissey's most succesful work was with Street. I'd love to see a new album produced by Street and a return to the earlier sound. It would be nice to end on a high.

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