Stephen Chbosky - author of "Perks Of Being A Wallflower" tweets about meeting Morrissey

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By Girl-Afraid on Feb 23, 2013 at 10:27 PM
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    1. Girl-Afraid
      Oh & also the relevance to this is that the soundtrack to the film included The Smiths' music
    2. Barking
      "Lovely"? Mmm; when I saw the trailer nothing whatsoever grabbed my attention. Also, hard to believe Hermione would ever leave Hogwarts (and all) to study in the US.
      It looked polished and dead boring. Either Morrissey is lying, or the trailer is.:rolleyes:

      ...From the raw erotic charisma of Kirk Douglas to this kind of film in a couple of days? Life is one hell of a rollercoaster for Morrissey!:lbf:

      It's funny to see how he is totally unable to hurt some people's feelings; I mean, weren't we meant to believe that Smiths cover for that dept store ad was "lovely" too? (Did anyone think we were going to check? Bingo. Didn't.)

      He's either horrible, or too Smithsically Correct these days.
      "Oh you like the Smiths? You're an artist? There's a poster of me in that film? well isn't that just Lervely"
      I mean, come on.

      If it is then Kate is lovely too. The whole world is!
    3. Girl-Afraid
      Who knows what goes on inside this complex man's head?
      Maybe he's on happy pills :p
    4. Barking
      You know, I think you may be right.;)
      I'd like some of those!
    5. Girl-Afraid
      Or a midlife crisis!
    6. Barking
      :lbf:... He's well past the age you know!
    7. CrystalGeezer
      I'm pretty sure if I painted a painting and someone used it as a prop in a movie I'd watch the flippin movie. :straightface:
    8. Protagonist
      Oh, well, with some of you lot, he just can't win. If Morrissey says something positive about someone, he's turned into a wimp. If he says something negative, he's a bitter old bat jealous of someone else's success. I suppose it's always been this way.
    9. turloughs
      I will not lie Perks is actually one of my favorite books, but I liked The Smiths before that book, and the movie was actually pretty good. I'd be flipping a shit if I met Moz too.
    10. Anonymous
      Here's an idea - why don't you actually watch the movie?

      The book and film are both excellent in my opinion, the trailer certainly doesn't do it any justice. I thought Moz would like it!
    11. Anonymous
      This movie has actually done a great service, it's taken a b-side hidden away on comps and turned it into one of their most popular songs. Type in "The Smiths" "Asleep" into a twitter search or check out an Asleep vid on youtube and look at the comments. It great that another generation has made this discovery.

      When I was in high school I discovered The Smiths through a new alt station in 92, that didn't have much grunge to play (Nirvana and Pearl Jam were the only reason for the format change), so they would have to throw "filler" in with what they were supposed to be playing. Filler such as The Smiths, Pixies, Joy Division, etc. If it wasn't for that station I would've either discovered The Smiths much later or not at all. I probably would've gotten into the Doors or Led Zeppelin like every other kid at my school (shudder).

      On the new discoveries note, There Is A Light has almost 15,000,000 views on youtube. How amazing is that? It blows my mind! In the states, The Smiths never broke, and Morrissey is seen as a cult figure. To have a place like youtube where the viewers are mostly Americans, make an indie pop song that huge, makes me think there is hope for us now after all. Maybe the age of the Nicklebacks and the such like is coming to an end via discovering music on the internet, rather than having it force fed to you on the radio.
    12. Anonymous
    13. Barking
      Course he can! All he has to do is have that litltle chat with Alpha Dog Kirk (sorry, Russell) about slugs and mussels, and follow his tips! It'd be ridiculously easy.

      Allright allright I'll give the bloody movie a chance. I'll add it to the must-try-to-watch list...
      Done. It's number 4657, right after "Hobgoblins".:thumb:
    14. gonzax
      Both the movie and the book are wonderful. I absolutely loved it.

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