Status Quo singer Francis Rossi on Morrissey (2010)

This is a few years old now (2010) but I'm not sure that it's been reported here before:

Status Quo-zanger Francis Rossi laat zijn kloten zien - NU
(translation via Google translate)

Francis Rossi was not a fan of The Smiths . "I could not stand Morrissey ," admits Rossi . " But I find him in recent years indeed good."

Rossi doet een boekje over een aantal collega’s. Zo was hij geen fan van The Smiths. “Ik kon Morrissey niet uitstaan”, bekent Rossi. “Maar ik vind hem de laatste jaren wél goed.”
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its not me its you.
remember him saying he liked first of the gang and the line HE STOLE FROM THE RICH AND THE POOR.


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The Quo were always crap and appealed to readers of The Sun who get a headache when they try to think. Who cares what he thinks?


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They were the first band I ever saw live. Manchester Apollo in 1979 I was gobsmacked at the light show and how loud they were. Soon moved onto Buzzcocks though!


Last time i saw the quo they copied mi flares


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