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By Ben Chill on Dec 22, 2011 at 4:47 AM
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    1. Anonymous
      I don't think you've actually seen Matt play- he is the best part of the band besides Boz.
      Amazing dynamics and that Gong!
      Watch a show before you judge.
    2. Anonymous
      Who is "Lady A" from Jimmy Kimmel?
    3. Anonymous
      Vini Reilly is a brilliant guitarist and I would love it if he collaborated with Morrissey again. For sure his current musicians are not of the same standard but I'm thinking they are all he can afford?
    4. Anonymous
      I don't really care if Matt (whoever the hell he is) has a big dick. I'm not interested in his "gong". Is that how you call it? Or is it that he performed way back on the Gong Show? I cannot judge "Matt" as I don't know him,although not interested in a "private show" much, from Him either. And thanks for calling. Cheers.
    5. Anonymous
      Lady Antebellum?
    6. celibate
      Lady Aida

      dutch lady DJ

      [as Dutch DJ's seem to be one of the best , but I've no clue what's hot or not
      concerning that kinda music, never been to sucha eveing/night, those dancefestivalls]

      ' and they say he's mentall':crazy:
    7. Anonymous
      Lady Antebelum?
    8. Anonymous
      If Morrissey really cared about his audience he'd get on with recording a new album on his own label venture, instead of waiting for one to satisfy his ego. The trouble is Morrissey hase never embraced technology to his advantage (e.g. from his objection to use the synethesizer in The Smiths right through to his refusal to release his music, independently, on the internet).
    9. Anonymous
      Wasn't there a contest for fans to design the artwork for the "Sunny" single? Do I remember that right? I seem to remember Howie Klein anouncing something like than on AOL once, but it's a long time ago now. If that did happen, they didn't use any of the submissions.....

      Why doesn't he record his best song, put it on ITunes, and if people love it it'll attract a label.
    10. Anonymous
      Morrissey is just so precious, isn't he?
    11. Anonymous
      This is Kate2828’s personal assistant Colin McEvoy and she has a message for Morrissey. She said it is very hard for ME not to have your new CD so please Morrissey, release it immediately. Not without reason.
    12. mozism
      Such moving words. I just re-read his statements over and over and can't wait for his autobiography comes out.
    13. Anonymous

      As long as it's yours!

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