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By Ben Chill on Dec 22, 2011 at 4:47 AM
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    1. Anonymous
      That's because you're a moron :)
    2. Anonymous

      And as for the NME - well, we all knew that it was a viscious smear campaign. Bravo for having the guts to stand up to that crap. And also having the money to get into the ring with them and punish them where it hurts. Basically, because they are all sad little fuckers typing slowly, without brain in gear and so on. They have been since 1990 to be honest.
    3. Anonymous
      Johnny Barleycorn has actually stated something that for once, the whole forum can agree upon.

      It's a freakin' christmas miracle.

      Seriously, I wish Morrissey the best in his NME court case. Hopefully, he will continue touring because right now, it's his only outlet for introducing new music.
    4. Anonymous
      Moz, Don't be absurd. There are so many people out there who can release an album, even put it at number 1 in the UK. You DO NOT need a major label so think about your fans, your music and your passion. Time to get over yourself.
    5. Anonymous
      Dear sons,

      Brummell at Calais, Buonaparte at St. Helena, Byron at Ravenna, and Morrissey at 'annes de refus'.
      How easily the world is lost. By love, or war, or eNeMEy, and now and then by 2011 december frost.
      L'Homme WILL revolte!

      we'll let you know
    6. Bettyford
      no where in this letter does morrissey say he's "retiring" or that his album won't come out. just that it won't be on a big label but who cares? we'll pay $15 bucks to download it from him directly! duh... basically, it sounds like he can't wait to get back on the road and tour again
    7. Anonymous
      While I don't agree with the strong language used by some others, I was disappointed that Morrissey didn't include comments (such as, perhaps, an apology) regarding the Oakland cancellation.
    8. swallow in your eye.
      swallow in your eye.
      The Bay Area is really to cool for Moz that's why he must shun us and you can tell
      by the level shunning he has done....Aaahh Feel loved Thanks Moz. Fuk You In The
      Ass Later Snoochie Boochies lol!!!!
    9. Anonymous
      And you know because he's your Jesus and he speaks to you right? YFL.
    10. Anonymous

      From a fellow Bay Area Moz fan: PLEASE go to night school and finish that high school education that someone, maybe Mom, Dad, Auntie, must have had you start. Moz shows can be taken from you "swallow", but your education is all yours! Perhaps when Moz comes around next time and actually decides to perform here you'll be able to string together some correctly spelled words in that unavoidable critique of the show that we are all surely going to appreciate. Cheers!
    11. goinghome
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    12. Tammy Waynette
      Tammy Waynette

      If that pathetic excuse of a session drummer is in too much pain to bang the drums, fine, whatever, I'll accept that. The fact that Morrissey has NEVER scheduled make up dates for ANY OF THE THREE Bay Area cancellations in the last eight years is unacceptable, unprofessional, and horrifically disrespectful to the fans in the Pacific Northwest that came to the gig.
    13. Anonymous
      Is that what Matt is? Another drummer? I never knew, and I am too lazy to google him,in fact I am too lazy to anything really. See I am a sociopath who thinks I am the same person as someone else.
      There is no hope here. However, I would like to say that Morrissey did actually act professionally, compassionate and above and beyond perfect in his non response to the fans, "fans'. And on top of it, Morrissey looks more hot and drop dead gorgeous than EVER. I wonder why he banned me. I wonder why.
    14. Anonymous
      In truth all it takes is a Shift to your heart and All that You dream of is yours. Regardless of what the mind sees...the heart knows the heart of Your beloved in the one who stands before you. B c.
      This is What I promise for You, for it is Ever and
      always present - that rushing explosion e o e of ecstatic love that comes forth as the moment of
      Creation. The Creator. Patse
      Washes into your heart aimmn
      Now , as the twin flame heart of God.
    15. Tammy Waynette
      Tammy Waynette

      Moz IS super hot these days, but I'm sure he'd be a terrible lay. He himself has said that he thought his genitals were the result of some "cruel joke".
    16. Anonymous
      Nonsense that he'd be a terrible lay. Anyway I think...he needs to be with the Right One. And problem solved. He just won't admit the truth regarding who that is.
    17. Anonymous
      Better songwriting partners =Better songs = Record contract.

      It's as simple as that.

      Die-hard fans will always love every song no matter what (blinded by love of Moz) and not be able to see when a song isn't "good enough" for Morrissey.

      It's not about the lyric, it's not about the voice or Moz's presentation. It's about the music and production.

      There's no way staying on a level with the disappointing (that's putting it politely) ROTT and the wishy-washy YOR is going to sustain Morrissey.
    18. CrystalGeezer
    19. Anonymous
      There's a direct correlation that things started to go in the can when Jesse Tobias showed up.

      Things would greatly improve if he left.

      There's no getting around it.

      It's time to end the Jesse Tobias era (error).
    20. Anonymous
      "The growing dedication of so many people who travel from city to city to follow the tour proves to me that now is better and stronger than the past."

      Yeah, that really sounds like he plans retirement following years of tragic decline, doesn't it? Jeez. You front-page retards would read "retirement" into the briefest of utterances, wouldn't you? No wonder he despises this site and the imbeciles who dominate the posts.

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