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By Ben Chill on Dec 22, 2011 at 4:47 AM
  1. Ben Chill

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    Apr 25, 2006
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    1. Anonymous
      Morrissey doesn't need a record deal.if Morrissey has complete faith in his new material , he could quite easily get his management company to source cd and vinyl manufacturers. Put some media promo work together and then sell through his own website , TTY , or god forbid this forum.....

      There are plenty of recording studios available. How's aout working with Stephen street again or Steve lillywhite.

      Here's a thought why not be more interactive with your fans. Competition to design the sleeve work.

      Just a thought....I don't see what the attraction is to a record deal anymore.
    2. klaus
      "I found myself singing to a mass of hair." Love it.
    3. 9 x Fined
      9 x Fined

      They should call that site BegMusic.
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    4. Anonymous
      I also likes the time he said he was singing to people knitting sweaters.
    5. Anonymous
      What about an apology to Oakland you fucking cunt.
    6. Antmore64
      All of those gigs represent the Mexican people; chicago, santa fe, las vegas, phoenix; that's all Mexican territory once again and Moz is the leader
    7. Anonymous
      What about that I...strangle you, you ignorant bastard? He owes you shit.Get it?
    8. Anonymous
      Forget the Chinese, Morrissey fans are a rancid subspecies.
    9. Anonymous
      <iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

      Damn straight.
    10. Anonymous
      What he said at :20 made me assume he LOVED Pomona

      A great crowd and I was only one of a few white people everybody else hispanic. In fact, I walked alone by a group of Latinos and one of them actually said, "Whoa, white girls like Morrissey??". I'm not kidding.
    11. Anonymous
      Some people are very naive lol, i don't know why because they think that, like any other artist it's for anybody to like.
    12. Anonymous
      I would have loved to see SOME mention of Oakland's cancellation on here. 3000 people had a miserable 4 hours notice that the show was not to be, then again disappointment that it was not to be rescheduled. If he's off doing the NME trial I understand, but can you throw us dogs just a little bone? A scooby snack, even? I'm a huge fan and so saddened that he didn't take a second to acknowlege us loyal fans in Northern California.

      Seriously. Bummed.
    13. Anonymous
      Isn't Chicago where the morrisseysworlders were meant to throw roses at him and a few of them did?

      Maybe that's why it's number one? I notice it's back up again.

      Not him obviously but maybe he likes it... it is still up and twitter back too.
    14. Anonymous
      I notice the morrisseysworld site is back up and isn't Chicago the place where the 'worlders' were meant to throw roses at morrissey? And from what I've read a few of them did. Maybe this is his way of saying thanks?

      Obviously the site isn't by him but those fans are very dedicated!

      Site back up and twitter back up... he can't hate it that much or it would be shut by now
    15. Anonymous
      i suspect that the stories of labels being interested in morrissey but not wanting to sign the band are true. while he continues insists they are 'exceptional', everyone else is a bit more in touch with reality and realize they are C grade. he's musically boxed himself into a corner, and isnt going to gain any new fans with the recent unreleased songs - in fact is likely to lose fans. so why would any label sign him under those conditions? rather than thinking he and his band are exceptional and the world is against them/him, perhaps it should inspire a re-think and some new (or old) collaborators. something exciting and fresh - that moz fans and potential new listeners could be excited by? he not going anywhere new musically, or lyrically. just retreading the same old dirge rock. though its not just the music. i mean has he really had anything new to say for the last few albums? maybe it is time to retire if its not going anywhere? i remember seeing an interview with vini reilley where he said he offered to write an album of more avante guard music after viva hate - that would have/would be interesting. is anyone excited by the thought of half an album of jesse tobais music? i mean seriously?
    16. Tammy Waynette
      Tammy Waynette
      Cancelled San Francisco's Alice and Zen fest in 2004, cancelled Oakland in 2009 (and spotted at DNA Lounge in SF hours later even though he was too sick to perform), and cancelled Oakland once more in 2011. THREE BAY AREA CANCELLATIONS IN EIGHT YEARS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Seriously, WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!! SHITCAGO got a make up date, not not San Francisco / Oakland. FUCK YOU MORRISSEY!!!! You're a tired old gas bag, with nothing to say. Your new material is musically mediocre, and lyrically embarrassing. Hearing you butcher something as beautiful as Meat Is Murder frankly makes me want to eat McDonalds just to spite you.

      Oh, you silly old man, you silly old man, you're making a fool of yourself, so get off the stage!
    17. Anonymous
      If most of these things were like you, then I'm quite sure he would've said a few words. So because you are reasonable and not like some fans "fans', the thing is Matt (I'm still not quite sure who he is), apparently someone in the band-well like he hurt his eye or somethings. Now, Mind you. I mean this was sooo Not Morrissey's
      fault. He would throw the other schmucks crumbs, had they acted like you did.
    18. Anonymous
      I LOVE the suggestions that Morrissey get online and find a place to manufacture his CD's. I think that's what David Bowie does. Then he gets his shipment of CD's and goes and sells them out of the trunk of his car. His wife draws the picture for the cover. Sure, that is how the big time rock stars do it.
    19. Marco
      But he is DOING something. Pledge, Beg, what difference does it make? None. Is just a different way of sell your music. Or do you still think an artist do not sell its music, after all this fuzz about royalties etc etc etc... Everybody needs to live.... music simply is not enough to feed, dress and give confort. You need to transform your art into money that can buy all this things and more. So, comeback to reality. Music is just like any other profession. At the end, if gives you pleasure better, you are there for the money. And you are such a fool if not.
    20. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
      It would delight me if Morrissey's hopefully impending victory over the NME forced that pitiful comic into liquidation. To see the current plight of the inky bible I read so avidly in the (late) 70s & 80s is a tragic sight. RIP NME.

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