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By Ben Chill on Dec 22, 2011 at 4:47 AM
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    1. Marco
      I received yesterday from Echo & The Bunnymen list a message about a 4th solo album by Ian McCulloch and find very interesting the way he will release his new album. Im not saying that Morrissey should do the same way and not discussing the importance of one compared to the other and neither that Morrissey is far important and better so he should not... Im just saying that nowadays we have other ways of releasing a record no depending on major labels. And this way is very fan oriented base, just like Morrissey likes. If we are the ones who support him, why not doing also through the release of a new album... just take a look here and tell what you think about.
    2. Anonymous
      We don't spell 'capitalize' with a 'z' either ;)
      In a title, I always use a capital letter for the start of each word.
      Regular members of the forums will remember Kewpie actively (and aggressively) changed my title caps into lower case, until she got caught (after denying it at first) and got her wrists slapped. And then had the audacity to tell peope I was trolling her lol
    3. Anonymous
      Time for the dozy old git to bow out and bring the curtain down on his whiny career. We don't need him any more, let's face it.
    4. unloveable
      What a fantastic statement , warm and extremely flattering words for Mexico, I'm over the moon to see the Mexico city gigs at his top list , in fact top 6 .. Wow wow. So nice to read his objective opinion, thanks for this.I'm not feeling any goodbye or defeat, he clearly says he can't wait to return. I dunno I don't think he's going to quit, but I agree there's some kinda melancholy I dunno might be the post tour- Xmas- end of year blues.. Long live Morrissey ..
    5. 21punksalute
      I'm confused. It's too painful to watch when violence is inflicted by 'in-house security' but it's fine when his fan's skulls are bashed by his own staff (boyfriends)?Yes, we know how to contact the Royal Oak (um...I'll get right on it). Tell us to contact your tormentors?
    6. Anonymous
      Thank you Morrissey for returning the love Chicago showed you. The only problem with the night was the merch stand was overburdened, please put the tour merch in the store ASAP.
    7. Anonymous
      And of course, no mention (let alone an apology) for the Oakland show debacle. Swept aside again... sigh.
    8. MozVegan
      ChicaCold! Crowd during Still Ill almost devoured Morrissey. Loved it, best night of my life.
    9. Anonymous
      It sounds nothing like a "good bye"! He actually wrote about wanting to go back and play in Mexico.

      I do read some of the comments on here and wonder, wonder, wonder... how do you manage in your daily lives?

      Poorly, I expect.
    10. dewdrop
      Mozzer,Forget the labels, go with the Internet...And give the NME all they have coming to them in 2012...for once I'd like to see an individual embarrass and humiliate a huge operation that hides beyond lawyers and the threat of lawsuits all the time as they attempt to defame and smear people. Morrissey, I hope you win your case, I hope it's relatively painless and quick, and I hope you are reinvigorated to pursue the next level of your wonderful career--you are the greatest of all time.Merry Christmas,Dewdrop
    11. Anonymous
      i've never needed him, but i want him.
    12. starless
      I definitely think that better songs will come out if he happens to lose the court case.
    13. Anonymous
      100% agree - the internet was made for artists like Morrissey. He has a loyal, rabid fan base that does not care one bit if he publishes music on a major label or via a website or iTunes digitally. They will buy it, regardless. Morrissey has never had a strong internet presence. Case in point - his official proclamations are posted on TTY - a sorry site, indeed.
    14. wemissumoz
      That was a nice commentary from Moz, without as much of the "acting" that he often does in his posts. I felt like it was coming from the heart, not just written to elicit a response from the readers.
    15. Anonymous
      What do you mean "acting "? You blatantly haves Not been activated on here for long,have you?
    16. goinghome
      - Rainer Maria Rilke
    17. Anonymous
      Morrissey doesn't need a record label. Google will throw up various companies that can manufacture cd's and vinyl records. You place an Internet shop on your own website or even make available through TTY or god forbid , this forum ( moz you never know when you will need friends and not ban people from your concerts ). Boz can produce the record , moz can do the artwork and he has a solicitor write up a legal contract in relation to what people in his band (cough , cough ) would get....let's say Jesse toblerone gets 1% , boz 10%......etc etc from album sales...

      God I'd do the artwork for free....or how about let your fans do the artwork for you as a kind of competition?

      Media coverage costs built into the record sales

      I'm sure moz has got a garage big enough to store stock.

      Dead simple isn't it....

      This isn't meant has a joke but artists need to realise that they can do it them selves..
    18. Anonymous
      Well said - couldn't agree more. Record labels are Jurassic Park remnants of a long-distant past. I would have thought that with his love of punk, Moz would be into the idea of releasing his own material like a cottage industry and cutting out the middle-man. Moz, much ridiculed at the time, predicted the death of pop during his Southank Show interview. He was right - kind of. Making music is alive and well - and always will be as long as the human race draws breath. The pop record/CD and the industry that made money from selling them is dead. Move on , Morrissey.
    19. Anonymous
      Fake post!!!
      don't touch ME!!!, you peasant!!!


      we'll let you know
    20. Anonymous
      I Want him


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