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By Ben Chill on Dec 22, 2011 at 4:47 AM
  1. Ben Chill

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    Apr 25, 2006
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    1. Anonymous
      Wow...certainly sounds like a final goodbye to me.
    2. Skylarker
      Well, this is not very good news, is it. Why is he giving up?
    3. Old Mathew
      Old Mathew
      Glad to see the Santa Fe show as his second favorite in the US. It was an amazing show; maybe the best I've seen in 20 years of seeing him, though nearly all of them stand out.I don't sense he's giving up... there will be more tours, I think. A new record? Perhaps not for a while. I wish he'd just go indie and continue to make records, but he seems intent on waiting for a major in a time when the majors are completely broken. Sigh. The loss is ours.
    4. CrystalGeezer
      Maybe he's not talking about the album Years of Refusal since he didn't capitalize the R? I dunno. Who knows.
    5. Anonymous
      this might force him to look into new, innovative ways to get his music out into the world. fingers crossed.
    6. Anonymous
      Sometimes I could just shake You. I Love You.
    7. Currer Bell
      Currer Bell
      Hey, Moz... I was reading up on my new band of the moment Young the Giant and saw that you had touted them earlier on TTY. They are pretty awesome. I first heard them on an episode of Unplugged that aired on Palladium. Sameer's voice reminds me of Sam Cooke, especially in "I Got."
    8. Anonymous
      Wow. On the surface, this statement sounds very sad. Let's hope Morrissey is just messing with us, not giving up, and we will see an album in 2012 (or at least, the autobiography). Sounding like "it's over" and it really not being over, is just like something Morrissey USED to do, to add to the mystery and his great mystique. He might've been the type to say: "Sorry, I'm retiring, thank you for your support." Then shortly after, release a new album and launch a world tour to support it just for giggles. Hearing about him gearing up for the court case is troublesome too, please, we don't want a Maladjusted II (one was enough). Let's hope for the best for our dear bard.
    9. Tex
      Enjoyed that immensely. Only made it to Dallas this time, but it was a wonderful show. Thanks for the memories Morrissey.......and good luck taking back the NME.
    10. Anonymous
      This is where you looking into things too much, works against you and becomes a tad annoying. It's "British" grammar, I believe, I'm not 100% sure, that they don't capitalize each first letter in their titles only the first word, can a brit confirm this? So, Crystal, he typed it correct, from a grammar stand point, as taught in England.
    11. Anonymous
      If no new record, could Moz please find time to get book published?
      A most pleasant read.
    12. johnson
      Good riddance.
    13. SirTuborgnights

      No more below par recordings.

      The only thing left now is pubs,clubs and working mens clubs.

      Its been a very sad end really! Shame that.....
    14. Anonymous
      Such a well spoken Buffoon.

      He is the one artist on the planet that should be putting out his own albums , selling downloads through iTunes etc and selling physical goods (for the few luddites left that give a shite...) at gigs. He is a matured artist and he is never going to expand his fan base past the current faithful he has . There is NO advantage to him being on a label. He could make all the money and not lose it in the black hole of an international corporation. erome humane
      I honestly don't see why someone so smart as he can be so foolishly wrong-headed.
    15. Anonymous

      Don't ever play Royal Joke again.

    16. Anonymous
      Sounds like a whiny, bitter old man. Morrissey is much like the NME--a gold plated past but not much to show for in recent years. Degrading his band members by treating them like dolls. If another band did this, the lemmings would be all over them. But since it is Morrissey, it is looked upon as something creative or genius. I think not.

      His bandmates may be nice guys, but their musical skills pale in comparison to what once was.

      Well Let You Know
    17. Peterb
      This doesn't sound like the 'We'll Let You Know' of old. Is this another imposter?
    18. CrystalGeezer
      Didn't know that. Thanks. I started to for a second but I'm not reading anything between the lines here.
    19. Anonymous
      Agree 100 %

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