Statement From The Ad Hoc Committee For The Perpetuation of Off Topic Discourse

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Statement from The Ad Hoc Committee For The Perpetuation of Off Topic Discourse
Yesterday afternoon at approximately 8PM GMT access to Morrissey-solo was unavailable due to server traffic. This seriously impaired our ability to continue playing Crossroads. Clearly, there is a need for an Official Morrissey-solo Off Topic Disaster Plan.

The Committee's proposal is that we identify some lesser artist (perhaps an emo band or top 40 skank) whose forum we plan to invade should solo be out of service for an extended period of time. Civilization can continue to flourish there undiminished until the server is once again available.

Let us now join hands and sing "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out" as we march as one into a brave new future!


the sad punk
Let's chat in Chica's shoutbox ;)


You're right tmyem!, I've just visited their site and
1) colours are much too awful
2) when I tried to register they told me that my username had already been taken :mad:

Where shall we go next?

edit: good idea wolve, but there is not much traffic going on in my box :eek:


the sad punk
No, no, not keane! What would they say if they saw me visit a Keane-website during school! *shivers*


the sad punk
Yes, it kinda goes like this: 'I have a Serbian buddy!' (and then everyone begins to show off)

No no, this site saves me from feeling bored ;)



Sir Alec

I don't wanna sing 'There is A Light That Never Goes Out'. I think it would be more fitting to sing 'Get Off The Stage'.


I really lolled at this Cod! :D
But colours are bad too... remember, I have to spend hours looking at that screen!

Wolve, I'm your buddy? *a little tear runs down her cheek and she starts to cry and smile at the same time*

Sir Alec, shouldn't you be at work?


Ghost of the troubled Joe
Make sure you let me know where you all are ... ever since I've learned that the man himself knows all about Sir Alec's morning conditions I became a bit unsure about posting anything remotely irrelevant here. What about some Razorshite forum?


the sad punk
chica said:
At the moment I'm actually looking for that chica person on Keane's forum! :p

It is I! ;)
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