Statement by Jesse Tobias about Kristeen Young and Tony Visconti Facebook comments -

Jesse Tobias statement -

13 June 2014

It's been quite Disheartening to see the "Facebook" Hatred thrown about by Our Former Friends/ Working Partners Kristeen Young and Tony Visconti.
I do feel that Someone needs to Speak Up for Moz in this situation as it is unbearable to watch people you once trusted , Attack and Pick Away at your Friend.
In my experience ANYONE associated with the Morrissey Camp know they are solely there because of Morrissey himself.
He chooses to tour/ work with certain people.
For Kristeen and Tony Visconti to go on about Her being better off now, without considering Morrissey's 9 years of help and promotion is Very Disappointing.
Only speaking from my experience, with the crew and Moz falling ill in Miami, for Kristeen to deny she was truly sick seems disingenuous.
I was told after the show in Miami by Crew and Security that there was some concern because Kristeen was obviously unwell.
Our crew then tried to keep her at a reasonable distance but being in such close quarters for months these things sometimes happen.
I am Upset that in this situation Kristeen could not take the tour as a whole into consideration and just comply with the postponement announcement.
One could only assume it was necessary for her to justify herself and ultimately receive some promotion out of the matter.
This combined with Tony Visconti's Parrot Like affirmation on "Facebook" that "she is better off, is Morrissey Capable of being handled?" is Repulsive.
This is a MAN who worked closely with us on a record and several sessions that Suddenly flips into Schoolgirl mode with "yeah you tell em" Chatter...??

Good Riddance to False Friends.

Jesse Tobias

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Re: Article: Statement by Jesse Tobias about KY and TV Facebook comments -

Quite. If he was old enough to be in the Peppers in the 1990s, he must have had grammar in school. If you're going to try and speak with authority, learn spelling and syntax.

wow, i had no idea he was in the peppers. frankly, knowing his sytle, i'm surprised kiedis ever thought he would be a good fit. chili peppers is way more manic than jesse could ever pull off. of course, history tells us this was quite true as it seems he didn't last long at all in the peppers. although the same is said of 6 or 7 other guitarists over thier history...

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