Star & Garter birthday night

It is going to be ticketed. I'm pretty sure the tickets are meant to go on sale at the March Morrissey disco.
Andy will be along with details soon i would imagine. He said details would be announced nearer the time when the question was posed the day the Apollo tickets went on sale.

It will be ticketed though.
would you be able to get us a couple of tickets dean, or are you going to put them all on e-bay again?

I've never sold Star and Garter tickets on Ebay. Get a life as your agenda won't get you anywhere...

Mentally Ill - The Keyboard Warrior
I may get my body dragged through the door, if my boyish and youthlike charms allow.

I've read on this here forum that you are, in fact, Morrissey.

garter moz night rubbish smiths star voodoo is sexy
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