Standing Ticket for the Troxy- make me an offer


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Hi all,
I have a ticket for the Troxy show (now scheduled for 18th July). I was in London in may for numerous shows (all cancelled).
Basically- I can't afford to come back and use this ticket- so I'm trying to sell it.
Would like to sell on here and not have to pay ebay fees.
Please keep in mind it will cost for overseas shipping- and please be sincere with your offers... I'm out a LOT of money since the shows were rescheduled- if they had been cancelled i could have had a refund. So let my loss be your gain.

PM me with questions, or if you want a photo of the ticket- for proof or whatever.


I'm afraid many people, including myself, are offering spare standing tickets of Troxy. :o


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Where did you buy the ticket from? Seetickets let you return them for a refund even if a new date has been scheduled. I've returned mine as also cannot afford another jaunt to London! Rubbish.
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