St. Louis 5.22.07


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What is there to do in St. Louis?
Will there be a Morrissey Night after the show or a club to go to?
Where is a good/safe place to stay, close to the venue?

It looks like the Pageant is close to Washington University. I went on Washington University's website and found a list of nearby hotels, and at a glance there are a couple only 1 or 2 miles from the venue. I'm 99% sure I'm going to this one but I haven't picked a hotel yet. If anyone nearby has specific recommendations I too am all ears.


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There is a huck fin youth hostel for like $20/night. Not sure of location or quality of Hostel.

Does anyone know if there are any clubs go to to or an after party??


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there are several thai restaurants, a sub-par chinese place, ok sushi and a pretty good mexican tapas place within walking distance of the venue.

there are no hotels within walking distance of the venue. 44 and hampton is about a ten-minute drive. clayton is the city over from university city (which is right where the venue is), and will have a bunch of hotels. might be sorta pricey.

there's a pretty good/cheap hampton inn on market street, near downtown/union station, that's also about a ten-minute drive off of highway 64-40.

there will be a DJ doing 80s-britpop, etc. in the bar adjacent to the venue before the show, and a bunch of DJs doing 80s-new-wave-post-punk-90s, etc. after at a bar called Mangia, about a 15-minute drive. it's an unofficial after-party, a 3 a.m. bar, and lots of fun.
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