St. Catharines Mind Bomb 1999 Unhappy Birthday Bash

Hi! I have been reading this forum for a while now - just another one of the long-term fans disappointed with the recent cancellations :(

I have been having lots of memory flashbacks lately... seeing Morrissey at Kingswood in 1991 and later in Toronto on the Your Arsenal Tour, and also - meeting with a bunch of fans in 1999 at the Mind Bomb in St. Catharines for Moz's 40th Unhappy Birthday Bash. Don't know why I remembered this tonight... but I subsequently Googled it - and it brought me to this forum! I am wondering if this is how I found out about it in the first place all those years ago - must have been! I feel really old now...

I'm SO curious if anybody else from this site happened to be there that night?!

And it's so nice to finally register here and get a chance to "meet" you all. :)
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