Spotify has arrived in the USA


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Right now it's invitation only for those of us in the usa.
Just go to the site and sign up.

I miss It sucked when itunes bought it up.
I've been reading great things about spotify for years but could never use it.

I'm looking forward to getting my invitation. You can skip the que if you pay for it but I'm not sure I want to sign up for a monthly fee sight unseen.


For those of you who've been using the site for years is it as awesome as the media have been saying?


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It's now my main medium for listening to music it's so useful, when people on here say checkout this band, when Morrissey published his top ten favourite albums, they were there. I'd never have bought them but I've heard them all now. I don't have to waste time and money on the throw away dross my seven year old daughter listens to.

The best for party's controlled through an iPad app just pass it round everyone can choose a song once the playlist ends. It's like buying an estate car you don't realise how much use you get out of it until you get one.


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That sounds great! Pandora and are nice but you can't control the song order.
My sis told me about it when she was in Spain two years ago.

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I always wanted to try out Spotify since my foreign friends on were utilizing this as well. Thanks peptastic for the tip.


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Spotify's gone down the drain, can only listen to a song 5 times before you have to buy it, and you only get 10 hours a month... it used to be unlimited.


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That's still better than which only let you listen to it once before you bought it.

I got my account today. I'm using the free version. Only 10 hours?
I'm feeling my excitement die down. :(
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