Spoken Word Video: Morrissey 'The Bullfighter Dies'

He'll never be Shatner....

That is PRECISELY what the video reminded me of. Rich talent on that Starship. Here's another...


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Bullfighting is now banned in Catalonia - so the Barcelona ring is redundant. Madrid and Seville are the two main centres of bullfighting.

Obviously, Morrissey doesn't let reality spoil the lyric. Barcelona name needed to be in the song, no matter if they banned bullfighting or not.
I'm lazy and I don't have the time, but I was wondering if all the places mentioned in the song do indeed have bull-rings? i know about the Barcelona one, I've driven past it, but what about the other places?


Curtailed in Catalonia has a nice ring to it.

They also have bullfighting in the South of France (where the album was recorded) and all over Latin America (can't offend his fans) so I think he hates the Spanish. Probably something to do with tiki-taka dominating football for the last 5 years
I can't get enough of these spoken word videos; they are absolutely amazing. On a slightly different note, 1st Wave on Sirius radio played a live Smiths concert from 1986 (a London venue, but not sure which one). The entire concert was perfect, but The Boy with the Thorn in His Side, I Know It's Over, and There is a Light made me fall in love with the man, his words, his voice all over again. They usually replay these segments a few times, and I'm sure you could find the information on their website if interested. Also, Richard Blade is replaying Morrissey interviews Monday-Friday at 3:00 pm (eastern time). It's probably nothing new, but it is always a pleasure to hear M speak. As Girl-Afraid stated, shivers are running up and down my spine.

Confirmed - "The Bullfighter Dies" is a Morrissey/Tobias composition...

From Warner/Chappell:

Dang, way cool. Looks fine in that tux. And further proof he should have been the one to read Autobiography for the audio book.

I agree. As I was watching this, I was thinking to myself, that Morrissey could start a side career as a narrator for audio books and/or documentaries. He could be a modern day Jason Robards.
Do we expect a digital release of The Bullfighter Dies this week then in the three singles to be released? It seems that the three songs played live could be the three "weekly" singles mentioned? Earth Is The Loneliest Planet spoken word next followed by the digital release?

Or am I perhaps just being optimistic for more new material?
wow that was touching,looking very swav,and lyrics so true.............die bullfighter die
If the release of World Peace is anything to go by, the next single should be released at midnight tonight, has anyone seen/heard anything (like the amazon download page)?
The Bullfighter wouldn't have died if he rode a horse like this:
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