Spin's "The 300 Best Albums of the Past 30 Years (1985-2014)" - TQID #5, "Strangeways..." #182

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    The 300 Best Albums of the Past 30 Years (1985-2014) - SPIN
    SPIN's editors rank the finest releases since the publication's beginning in 1985


    SPIN hit a milestone this year: Our 30th birthday. To celebrate, we caught up with some of the artists behind our past picks for Album of the Year, held a readers’ poll, reminisced with former staffers, and now, we’ve ranked the 300 best albums of the past 30 years.

    Drawing on ballots from more than a dozen contributors, the editors whittled a roster of just under 1,000 nominees to a list of undisputed masterpieces, longtime pleasures, and new favorites — all of them classics (well, according to us)...

    182. The Smiths, Strangeways, Here We Come
    (Sire, 1987)

    5. The Smiths, The Queen Is Dead
    (Sire, 1986)


Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2015 (read-only)' started by davidt, Jun 8, 2015.

    1. Tynamuna
      non of morrisseys solo stuff on the list ey? that is a disgrace on spins part. but super happy that both the Queen is dead and strangeways made it. Plus lately it seems that when moz or the smiths are mentioned, noel Gallagher isnt that far behind. why dont they just slap a sticker of Gallagher giving a thumbs up on remastered smiths records.
      `Gallagher approved!` but i have to admire his love for moz and smiths :love:

      Quick question: this might sound stupid but what is some Girls are bigger than others really about ? i have heard so many stories
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    2. Anonymous
      nice to see the glow in there
    3. celibate
      also bothered that none of Morrissey's solo albums are in list, Vauxhall&I should have made the list .

      'and they say he's mentalllll'...Meat is Murder 1985....
    4. Tynamuna
      Maybe meat is murder came out a month before spin was first pulished and thats why the did not include it. Don't know when spin published their first magazine. Otherwise its a disgrace if MIM could be on the list but did not
    5. Hadrian
      I wouldn't be so surprised. Did you read the Spin Alternative Record Guide? Rob Sheffield described Meat is Murder with following words: Denounces sex, dancing, carnivals, cigarettes, political conviction and miniskirts in a desperate attempt to cover up for a lack of melodies. He gave it a score of 2, on a 1-10 scale, so...
    6. Anonymous
      Boobies. Google them if you don't know what they are.
    7. Anonymous
      spin is a terrible music mag all around
    8. Hadrian
      Of course it is. This horrible list we are talking about, loaded with mostly dreadful albums, is a proof for that.
    9. Anonymous
      true but also just the quality of the writing, its pretty bad, regardless of the topic and my disagreement with its author

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