Spinechillers: Goths...ooooh spooky!


...brush me daddy-o
This is a on off 'spinechiller' shown by the BBC a few years ago.:p
The conversations "Are you a goth", "No, more of an industrialist!" are hillarious.:lbf:

Anyway, enjoy this, it's mighty funny! ;)
(sponsored by The Fields of The Nephilim & Bauhaus me thinks!:squiffy:)

part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4
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Thanks Rosie - just the thing for a lazy day off.

My best friend and I started an all-girl Industrial Goth band back in the 80s. We used to spit "blood" into the audience, set things on fire and fling broken glass around. Eventually we let boys into the band; once I put the cutest little Gothling into a washing machine and played him like a drum. I hope I didn't do any lasting harm...

Mind you, we had a sense of humor about it: none of that cheap satin and vampiric drama. We did have a rat named "Bob," though. :rolleyes:

Bloody weekenders. :lbf:
In the pub scenes, i kept looking for folk from Whitby (Gothic Weekend)... Mr Nightie played there with his band a few years ago and i was required to attend... oh, the fun I had people watching!:p
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