Spin.com: Perry Farrell’s 5 Favorite Lollapalooza Moments (brief Morrissey mention)

In the last section, Perry mentioned how Morrissey was supposed to headline in 2004 but Lollapalooza was canceled:

Honorable mention: Getting banned by Clear Channel in 2004

That was a really interesting one, because we actually jumpstarted Lolla the year before, when it was dead. Historically, the facts are that Morrissey was supposed to come in and perform after we restarted it. I had this great idea to go around the country at Clear Channel venues and do this thing called Bush in 30 Seconds, which is all about what a knucklehead Bush was because I was trying to help John Kerry get elected. So I had people like Rob Reiner, and they were gonna make these small vignettes about Bush in 30 Seconds. What I didn’t know, because I wasn’t so aware of politics, was that Clear Channel is very tight with the Republican Party. So they shut the whole damn thing down around the country and it wiped out Lollapalooza. But that year, Morrissey and the Pixies were set to headline.


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Life is never kind
Oh I remember this. I was shocked to see he was going to play Lollapalooza.
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