SPIN: "5 Albums I Can’t Live Without: Kevin Griffin of Better Than Ezra" includes "Louder Than Bombs" (March 24, 2024)

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Yep, definitely the best Smiths album, even if it was a compilation.
Followed by … Strangeways/QueenID, The Smiths/MeatIM.
Gotta have the one S "Morrisey" in lieu of the, "but I don't agree with his current opinions".
Louder Than Bombs is a great introduction to those who haven't heard the band before. A fantastic record.
Hatful of Hollow is the real gem.

Quite groovy :guitar:
I prefer Hatful of Hollow.
That was almost a great list til the end. The Killers? Really?
I do like Better Than Ezra tho and Kevin Griffin was kind of a hottie.
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louder than bombs=bargain bin in our price for £2.99.
hatful of hollow=vinyl from woolies £4.99.
those really were the days.
Louder Than Bombs > Hatful of Hollow, simply because it has Is It Really So Strange and (in my opinion) the better version of These Things Take Time.
The real question: Louder Than Bombs or Bona Drag?
Bona Drag just pips it. Those 'funny little singles' all collected together made for a magic, varied album, released at a time of transition and no proper band. But it stands up today to be an absolute classic.
Louder, tho fantastic and full of some of my favourite music ever made was the third compilation in as many years. I dont think to this day Morrissey or the Smiths have released anything close to a perfect compilation covering everything, i suppose thats because there is so much to choose from.

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