spike t smith in a new band


no hope no harm
i dont know if anyone cares about this but spike t smith of the damned and a brief stint in morrissey's backing band is in a new what seems like punk "all star" type band called the T4 project.....
T4 Project Members: Trotsky of SUBHUMANS UK, Spike T. Smith of MORRISSEY / THE DAMNED, Jay Bentley of BAD RELIGION, Tony Barber of BUZZCOCKS, Fletcher Dragge of PENNYWISE, Greg Hetson of CIRCLE JERKS, Peter Distefano of PORNO FOR PYROS, Paul Roessler of THE SCREAMERS / NINA HAGEN's band, Jason Cruz of STRUNG OUT, Kirsten Patches of NAKED AGGRESSION, and Shannon Saint Ryan, producer, guitarist, co-vocalist, and creator.
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