"Spent The Day In Bed" - new single debuts on BBC Radio 2 / The Chris Evans Show (Sep. 19)

Normally hate Evans but after the new single , he is now playing Heaven Knows ! Two Morrissey in one day....wow!
He hasn't said anything about a download though! It may well be getting airplay, but who cares if we can't download it :D:squiffy::guitar:
That is dreadful. Awful. Zero imagination and progression from previous releases, with the overused and ubiquitous hanging 7ths. He has to ditch that songwriting team. There's nothing there.
Anyone who missed it - check the downloads section shortly....
Evans reckons someone he knows, who would know these things, says the Smiths were recently offered the biggest sum of money of any band to reform.

Surely at some point they have to take the money off the table?
Sean Keaveney from Radio 6 music said he is going to play it within the next half hour.
After waiting up for some time to hear this, I promptly went back to listening to old Killing Joke. Happy Tuesday to all.:rolleyes:
I'm rather disappointed.
Hopefully other songs in the album are better than Spent the Day in Bed.

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