"Spent The Day In Bed" CD promo surfaces

Discussion in 'Collectors Corner' started by Famous when dead, Oct 3, 2017.

By Famous when dead on Oct 3, 2017 at 10:12 AM
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    Found this on Twitter.
    (definitely a case of don't shoot the messenger!)


    Different poster:
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Discussion in 'Collectors Corner' started by Famous when dead, Oct 3, 2017.

    1. Anonymous
      Would you mind posting a picture? I have never seen it.

      The 5" CDR acetate has 10 alternate tracks of the song. Most notably, for me at least, is a Siouxsie only version. Would love to hear that.

      Any kind soul have this and be willing to share?
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    2. mrmorrissey1
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    3. sander
    4. roky
      Yep MrMorrissey1, you were the person I knew that had this elusive promo that has eluded me for years. I think Jeff P has one to. That is how I found out about it when I saw his want list in the Smiths Indeed fanzine. Did you send in your want list to be published? That was the best zone to buy and trade.
    5. mrmorrissey1
      No i've actually never had a wantlist published anywhere. But thats a good idea, i should put one together. I got mine from a good friend of mine that was selling his collection about 12 years ago, maybe even longer.

    6. roky
      Oh, I just meant I knew about it from Jeff's want list in that zine. Lots of people put want list and trade list in zines. It was pre internet and you had to send in want list to all the moz and smiths fanzines around back then. I knew you had the Interlude 3" it must of been right when you got it. Didn't you get a Morrissey or a Smiths "Singles" 5" Abbey road (not the singles we all know) promo that has different tracks, that never made it past the in house promo stage?
    7. mrmorrissey1
      Yes i do also have the Morrissey "singles" 5" Abbey Road disc. I did get both of those babies together, i just knew i had to have them when they became available.

    8. roky
      Man yeah, right place, right time. I wonder what that Moz Singles Abbey Road promo was about? I have only seen a picture of yours and have never heard of anyone else having one. I don't think it is mentioned anywhere. Passions etc.. They must of been planing something to have it go that far. Does it have a date or any catalog numbers on it? I have never heard any other collector even mention it.
    9. mrmorrissey1
      Its showing December 2nd ,1994
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    10. roky
      Isn't it a miss mash of different tracks? I forget. Its a strange one though.
    11. mrmorrissey1
      Here is the full track list

    12. roky
      The person you got this and the Interlude 3" from, did they know what the deal was with this? I am guessing Parlaphone was planing a singles comp? But decided on World Of. Did you get any other rare gems with these two? Along with this and the Interlude 3" promo, another rare one I have been hunting for years is the Boxer 12" four track test pressing with Sunny being added as a B-side.
    13. mrmorrissey1
      I also got this, a Warehouse in-store music cd, and a Rank dat tape i think as for the singles reference disc , all i remember is that it was a scrapped project that never made it past this stage.

    14. .X.
      Whatever happened to that guy who sold you all those goodies?
    15. mrmorrissey1
      That dude has been M I A for awhile now, lol
      Do you remember the story on the singles disc
      Mr X ?

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