"Spent The Day In Bed" CD promo surfaces

Discussion in 'Collectors Corner' started by Famous when dead, Oct 3, 2017.

By Famous when dead on Oct 3, 2017 at 10:12 AM
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    Found this on Twitter.
    (definitely a case of don't shoot the messenger!)


    Different poster:
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Discussion in 'Collectors Corner' started by Famous when dead, Oct 3, 2017.

    1. roky
    2. NealCassidy
    3. gordyboy9
      why so expensive, if this is for promotion then a copy must go to music magazines and newspapers,must have been a few sent out.
    4. ACTON
      Would have made a better album cover.
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    5. billybu69
      Because in the past there have been promos that have not been many copies of, and can end up being impossible to get, so the first ones are presumed rare until numbers prove otherwise, completists snap up the first ones at whatever the cost prices, until availability calms it all down.
    6. ACTON
      The boxer image was on the drum kit on Joolz but ye probably know that already.
    7. marred
      I wish the art direction was consistent along the lines of this sleeve instead of the kid with the props.
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    8. Orson Swells
      Orson Swells
      That just looks so nice. Like the old days. Unlike the actual album cover!
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    9. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      This was by 'Esteban' - I think this was his proto-idea to then continue with other releases.
      Perhaps if he hadn't been run out of Italy to go to France, The Spent... cover would be by 'Stephano' instead. :)
      I initially thought that Warners were having more control over the recent art, but as Esteban morphed into Etienne even with a company change - all roads lead to Moz.
      I'm sure the box set will allude to as much too.
      So the one unifying thing behind all the pictures is him - not record company choices?
      The disparity between the quality of the images helps create the view that there are different people at work, but I have a hunch it's not the case.
      Personally, I'd be happy with several singles all in black and white with orange 'Morrissey' as per the Spent..single. A bit of consistency for each record would be good.
      Just my theory.
    10. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      Is "Spent The Day In Bed" going to be released as a CD-single and will there be a proper b-side as with the vinyl single that has "Judy Is A Punk"?
      Is there a possibility it could have another b-side that won't be on the CD album Low in High School? (Left the hyphen out now, still don't know why it was there in the first place :()
    11. Bluebirds
      That's lovely that is, a throwback of sorts.
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    12. roky
      Reminds me of trying to collect all the different 2004 cd-r promo's for the Quarry singles. So many variants of every single that came out. Different font colors, different fonts, white border's, different artwork all together, etc.... That was a fun and exciting time in Moz world. He should of retired after that tour and just played a few shows every couple of years after that. IMO. But for example, the 2004 NOCHACTY cd-r promo is the most prized Moz collectable according to Record Collector mag, which I do disagree with.
    13. billybu69
      Please expand, which is the most prized collectible? In your opinion?
    14. roky
      Off the top of my head, Interlude 3" Abbey Road cd-r, Boxers 12" test pressing with 4 tracks instead of the normal 3 tracks, Sunny being the extra track, November the 2nd 12" test pressing, the alt etched Interesting Drug test pressing that has a negative image of Oscar Wilde in a kidney shaped etched bubble. I will have to check my want list, but how many of those have you seen?
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    15. roky
      I bought my NOCHACTY cd-r acetate promo in 2004 for 35 quid from EIL of all places. It seemed when a new single, take First Of The Gang came out back then, there were 4 or 5 variants of the cd-r promos to chase. Let Me Kiss You had 4 different cd-r acetate promos as well.
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    16. Anonymous
      I have yet to see another 5” interlude abbey road cdr for sale. It’s been about 15+ years since I saw one
    17. Anonymous
      You have the interlude 3” cdr? Is the the one with 9 different versions? Would you be willing to share those versions? Or trade MP3’s for other MP3 rarities?
    18. roky
      Oh I don't have one. I only know one collector who has one. I have only seen his and never another one. But it is an Abbey Road CD. I don't remember how many versions are on it. It has been about 15 or so years since I have seen the 5" Abbey Road CD. They are on my want list, but I don't think they will come up for sale anymore. The collectors who have them will more than likely stay with them and be willed down.
    19. mrmorrissey1
      I have a 3" interlude Abbey Road reference disc.

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