Sparks - Exotic Creatures of the Deep


Wondering if anyone has this yet? I've only heard the single, lighten up morrissey and snippits of the rest .. what are people's opinions of it? How does it measure up to the last 2 amazing albums or that run of great albums in the 70s?

Also, it's cheeky but does anyone have it to upload? :p I have ordered it but it wont be here for awhile, Australian stores don't seem to stock it, just like Moz I guess we just don't think these guys exist.


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I wouldn't be much help. The only Sparks I have is Kimono My House. Any other Sparks recommendations?


That run of 4 albums in the 70s is awesome

Kimono My House
Big Beat

the last 2 were great too - Hello Young Lovers & lil Beethoven

They kinda lost me with their 80s stuff, definitely a few good songs in there, but not really albums as a whole.


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Can't help with a download, but I received my copy yesterday and have been listening to it since. I love it so far and it stands up just great alongside Lil' Beethoven and Hello Young Lovers. It's got a similar overall vibe to those two albums, but there's a bit more of a blast back to the old days too, like the superb glam stomp of I Can't Believe You Would Fall For All The Crap In This Song, which is one of my favourites so far... really good stuff and it's getting even better with each listen. :)
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