Southpaw Grammar - officially unofficial rarities / demos thread

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    Dec 26, 2006
    Ok, so here are all the available demos/rarities from this era. I have decided to include only stuff with vocals and only studio demos (ie, no extremely LQ live versions or reputed instrumentals). This is stuff to listen to, not stuff for completeness sake. There is also nothing here that is commerically or officially sanctioned.

    I am doing it album to album so that it can be added to whenever new stuff becomes available.
    There is nothing here that has not been released before, but hopefully this is a way to get demos without having to download B-sides etc as well.

    I will be uploading all albums over the next few days.

    Thank you to all those who made these available in the first place.

    Southpaw Grammar Rarities

    1. Honey You Know Where To Find Me (from Revelations LP)
    2. You Should Have Been Nice To Me (from Revelations LP)
    3. Reader Meet Author (Miraval Sessions Demo)
    4. Honey You Know Where To Find Me (Miraval Sessions Demo)
    5. You Should Have Been Nice To Me (Southpaw 2009)
    6. Honey You Know Where To Find Me (Southpaw 2009)

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