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I was hanging around the You Tube and I just found it..

It's a Morrissey documentary which relates his gigs in South America around 99/00.

As you can see, this video was posted in March 7th, 2012, then it seems new but I don't know if someone can any information about it...

Anyway, I'll post it (maybe again)
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I tried to contact the company that was distributing it several years ago to see if I could procure a copy but never heard back..Much of the footage ended up being included in The Importance of Being Morrissey..

Considering that numerous people on this board have claimed to have seen it, I'm surprised it has never leaked.

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You were hanging around the You Tube and you found the teaser trailer. Not the documentary. Edit function?


Yay, an amateur doc about South American Morrissey obsessives.

Let me get the popcorn.


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I remeber back in 2000 I sent a cheque to the film maker a Barry Devonshire for 10STG for the DVD which I believe was to run for around 30 mins. I received the cheque back a month later saying that Mozzers lawyers had blocked its release. Surprised it never surfaced at this stage
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