South With Morrissey (2000) MP4

New working link courtesy of @Rob32 :

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It wont let me download without buying a membership. any ideas?
Yeah. Wait for someone else to upload it. Or buy a membership.
"South with Morrissey" like "To hell with Morrissey"?
Make the Nazi Gold available for all old skool geezers like good ole Frenk, please! Thanks in advance. Splendid!
So it’s not available any longer? Can’t f***ing believe I missed out. 😭
Dammit! I've been leering on here since '97 and this was a coveted video for decades and now I've missed out? Someone please set up a Wetransfer or similar link por favor!
Yes! WeTransfer, PLEASE! 🙏🏻🙏🏻
Amazing to think some of us were willing to pay 29 dollars for this in 2001. Damn but we were desperate for anything in those days!

For those who haven't seen it, be aware that whilst watchable this is clearly not the full quality DVD but what appears to be a lower quality promo with a cut down picture like something you'd get in the early days of the internet and quicktime videos. Now it's out there maybe a higher quality version will emerge. But I am pleased to finally see it.
i quite enjoyed it,those fans at the start were mental.
68 comeback special outfit looked good on him.
blind girl at the end was fantastic for her to get a moment with M.
good for the completists to finally get their mitts on this.
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