South America tour postponed due to food poisoning

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    UPDATE 6:25 PM PT:

    Link posted by cloverdean13 / Tumblr:

    Productora: El equipo de Morrissey está devastado -

    Google translate excerpts:

    The director of the firm, Rodrigo Perez, explains that "The day Saturday, Morrissey with his closest, about 8 people went to eat at a restaurant outside the path indicated by us, with regrettable consequences ".

    "Within hours, one by one they fell, resulting in severe gastric problems. They doctors to examine and what was provided in that moment, it was not appropriate and it was bigger problems".

    Against this background, "are with absolute rest. The hotel has almost become an outpatient clinic. There are people who can not get out of bed in 48 hours, and the prognosis is not very encouraging, because they also want to be with their doctors header and return to their countries of origin."

    "For most of Morrissey and his team will return to London, just to give them up here in Lima" he said.

    UPDATE 4:25 PM PT:

    Famous when dead posted the link with some additional info:

    Morrissey postpones South American tour due to ‘severe food poisoning,’ returns to U.K. - Slicing Up Eyeballs


    According to a similar but lengthier statement posted by Movistar Arena in Santiago, Chile — where the former Smiths frontman was slated to perform July 26 — those sickened “have remained at rest and observation,” while Morrissey has returned to England to be under the care of his “personal physicians.”

    UPDATE 2:45 PM PT:

    An anonymous person sends the link to the PuntoTicket Peru Facebook post:


    Bing translation excerpt:

    BE postponed concerts of MORRISSEY in South America due to a severe food poisoning suffered by the artist and part of the team that accompanies it in Lima, the concerts scheduled for Latin America in July and August should be postponed to the next year. The new dates will be communicated soon.

    Morrissey and his team have been in Lima, Peru from July 1. The artist was very excited about the upcoming shows and is very disappointed to have to postpone dates.
    Sincerely, Colors point Ticket will be announcing this Friday 12th the mechanics of return tickets for those who do not wish to attend the new dates. For more information access the web from or by calling the call center 626 8383. For people wishing to attend the new dates can keep their tickets. We will be informing them advances.

    Morrissey se intoxicó en Lima y sus conciertos en Sudamérica fueron postergados
    - La Prensa

    Google Translate excerpt:

    "Latin America Concerts scheduled for July and August will be postponed for the next months," the agency that handles the event communication.

    The former leader of the British band The Smiths, Steven Patrick Morrissey ( Morrissey ), not present in Lima. This is because he and some of his team suffered a severe intoxication. As reported by the producer through Facebook Colors Agency 3 Points.

    "Latin America Concerts scheduled for July and August will be postponed for the next months. The new dates will be communicated soon, "the statement said.


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    Se intoxicó Morrissey y no habrá conciertos:
    “Los conciertos agendados para Latinoamérica en julio y agosto deberán postergarse para los próximos meses”, informó la agencia que se encarga de la comunicación del evento.

    Original reblog on Tumblr / more details...

    UPDATE - link from cloverdean13 / Tumblr:

    Morrissey posterga todos sus conciertos en Sudamérica - Terra Peru
    El exvocalista de The Smiths tenía programado ofrecer un concierto esta noche en Lima, en el Jockey Club del Perú
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