"Soundproof Future Scotland" - new Scottish novel with Moz/Smiths refs

Hi there. I hope this doesn't seem too spammy. I am a Smiths/Moz fan of over 30 years standing. I was published in the Smiths short story edition Paint a Vulgar Picture, edited by Peter Wild, that came out a few years ago. I have just published my own novel, Soundproof Future Scotland. It contains several Moz/Smiths references, and there is a chapter about a character's thoughts and emotions that tries to be as open and honest as Moz was/is when writing his lyrics. A fool's mission, I suppose, but that was my go-to artistic template.

Anyway, if you feel like taking a look, the book is here; also included a link to a promo vid I did, where the audio was recorded in The Elephant House, the Edinburgh cafe where JK Rowling wrote the first Harry Potter book. Reclaiming the place for decent Scottish writing! There's a button for a preview of the book directly under the cover photo, done by award-winning Scottish artist Paul Bourne, who works on the Lord of the Rings and Doctor Who videogames.

As a side note. I just got List of the Lost yesterday. Just started reading it, first few pages, and can see it's going to be a hugely insightful look into Moz's writing methodology and psyche. Can't wait!



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