Sound quality on YATQ-Platinum DVD

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colin winterbottom

Anybody else notice the dramatic shift in audio quality on the last two Late Late Show tracks? The vocals are buried in over-loud instruments; while the vocal/instrumental mix is just right on the first LLS performance (FoTGTD).

I searched other porstings to see if anyone else noted this, but not finding comments I wonder if this is only true on my DVD??
Mine is not as dramatic as what you're describing, but I did notice it.

Something else interesting... I was there at the Kilborn taping, and we (the audience) were very, very loud. The few Moz fans that they let in were going crazy (and rightly so), but when you watch the Kilborn clips, it's almost as if Moz is playing to complete silence, when in all probability he could hardly hear himself sing!
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