Songs you like but shouldn't?


Pheobe W Caulfield
That moronic Orson song.

Haha I know :eek:

I should just download it (illegally, of course) and listen to it until it sounds as bad as I know it is.


pirate wench
but it's better if you do- panic! at the disco

DON'T SHOOT ME! *ducks*


looking mighty cool
must admit deep in my northern soul i adore hermans hermits
oh lord, here goes.

I will defend everything a-ha, journey, foreigner and lional richie have done untill my dying day. also, I rather enjoy most songs by cradle of filth and europe.

But, the fatal blow?
I'm a die hard goo goo dolls fan

I suck....
and now I hang my head in shame.


muggle, first order
someone shoot me...
i've found i've been liking hard-fi recently..nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!


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Baker Street
The Boys OF Summer- GlenN Frey (cruising down route 66 in my cadillac, with two babes in the the boot then. And its the M6 actually.)
Bodyrockers- "I can teach you a thing or two.... Yeh Yeh."
Sewn- The Feeling.
Golden Lights :eek:


ambitious outsider...
My chemical romance - welcome to the black parade... (the intro is so catchy!!!)
and... justin timberlake - sexyback :eek: (shame on me...)


I'm quietly judging you
i love all the backstreet boys hits


Ok, top this:
I love The Feeling (I bought their album, and I'm listening to it right now)
Nik Kershaw
All Robbie (even Rudebox)
Motley Crue
Madonna (up until Frozen)
Will Young
Say what you like, I don't care!!!!! I have no shame!
Sir Mix-A-Lot - I Like Big Butts


I have M.A.D.
I'm obsessed with the Minder theme tune... and this one song they did for Christmas called 'What Are We Gonna Get For 'Er Indoors', and the B-Side to that 'Quids And Quavers'. And 'Arthur Daley E's Alright' by The Firm. Yes, I love Minder related music for some reason.

I also like the whole Dirty Dancing soundtrack, as well as the song Footloose :eek:

Vic Strangeways

Junior reMember Me
'Enola Gay' OMD
'Snakes and Lovers' Spandau Ballet
'You on my Mind' Swing Out Sister
'Some Kind of Wonderful' Blow Monkeys
'Goonies 'R' Good Enough 'Cyndi Lauper'
'Valley Girl' Frank Zappa
'Moonlight Shadow' Mike Oldfield

To be honest, the list is endless...
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