Songs you intentionally sing incorrectly?


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So ass me ass me ass me...

Also, this next one doesn't really count as it sounds exactly the same, but it's a bit of a curveball thinking about it: I am the sun and the air...


I am mine.
A personal favourite is opening this charming man with ;
'Punch a Bicycle'
or for teachers are afraid ;
'to be Finnish would be a relief'

Viva Tom

Wall of Arms
inspired by Morrissey (on this tour)

"On the shop floor there's a calender,
it's pointing out to you
Something you never knew
Some girls are bigger than other"

I think it's grand.


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From the father who must be killed: "His mullet is his legal right ". Makes me chuckle!


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Another one which amuses me no end: "I have caramel kegs between my legs!" Especially amusing when I had a large tin of roses over Christmas.


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When I first heard "I'm Ok By Myself" I thought he was singing "This might make you throb in your bed"....So I was thinking wtf!


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"I've heard you'll try 'anyone' twice" :)

'Let Me Kiss You'

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Hmm so many but some of my favorite's

So ass meat, ass meat, ass meat...
Your face is as mean as a jelly bean
Roy's Keno, Roy's Keno
Ready with Ready Whip

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