Morrissey Central "SONGS YOU’LL NEVER HEAR ON BRITISH RADIO" (May 9, 2023)

I enjoyed these mate .
Bless your cottons. Making a M video doesn't take much imagination though, does it ?
Get a film before the the 70s edit a few scenes together whack a M tune on it. Job done .lol
Love and Squeeze M
But my god he comes out with such BS , all this this "I'm never on the radio " is total BS
sure he isn't on as much as Oasis but he has never been as popular as Oasis in the UK .

It's pretty hard to feel sorry for a multi millionaire that gets to do what he wants , People do though they fall for his BS hook line and fecking sinker - he's probably played as much as Lou Reed or The Fall and Stone Roses .

Does anyone know if he's got a contract yet ?
I hear The Stone Roses on the radio most times I tune in to Talksport to listen to Man Utd play.

Does anyone know if the Old Trafford crowd (or the noisy neighbours) are routinely blessed with any Smiths or Morrissey before kick off?
That I New I Was Next video is from the film
They Made Me A Criminal.
It's a Busby Berkley picture with John Garfield,
Claude Rains and the Dead End Kids in it.
It's a fun one.
Gonna have to put it on the re-watch list.
I went through the whole film to find the image used as a backdrop in 2022 (Have-A-Go Merchant / Brixton).
It wasn't bad at all.

Cut the crap Steve. Your latest cabaret backing chug rock Lawnmower parts is what the munchkins really want to know about.
Long live Alain and Gustavo. Good on you for walking out.
Jesse the Bastardo you have a lot to answer for now.

Benny 🇬🇧🔪
ridiculous, . those comments you are a racist! . and imbecile.
Our local independent station in Boston 92.5 plays Morrissey and I think they also play the Smiths.
Kiss Me A lot sucks, no one should ever play it or the video, which I think is is a bit of a rip off of that Roxy Music album coverm but SER probably does not know who they are
I actually like kiss me a lot... and a play the video and replay again blasted my stereo. and my neighbor says. its very catchy ha! great song. !

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