Morrissey Central "SONGS YOU’LL NEVER HEAR ON BRITISH RADIO" (May 9, 2023)

It's really hard to hear Morrissey song 32 sec. " intro" of Morrissey's song on any radio ... :crazy:

Well, these are all deep cuts or b-sides (except Kiss Me a Lot, but that's just a terrible song). Radio usually concentrates on playing the hits, singles and the highlights. But yes, Morrissey is a total victim here, boo hoo.
But seriously, from what I remember, I managed to hear two of the songs mentioned above on the radio. Kiss me a lot and Some say got devil . Of course not on British radio ;)
Morrissey has a lot better songs that you will never hear on the radio!! Not sure why these were picked.
With Morrissey Central, you can't be sure of absolutely anything . 🙃
as far as the UK is concerned he could do worse than nestle up to BOOM radio - a station for older listeners who are disgruntled with the mainstream - play all sorts of gems with real djs not celebrity muppets - people who know a lot about real music - am sure if he gave them a little mention it could work both ways and start a good relationship between the two as its independently owned and they do as they like
Beats me why anyone would listen to the radio unless they were stuck on a bus with radio blaring or stuck in a hospital bed with tubes attached.
Apart from the whining, couple of things stand out for me here. While his career was on the slide, I always thought that Shame Is The Name was by far one of the better songs of the era.

Secondly, how many of you remember this jazz/soul cover version of Dial A Cliche? It's pretty good.


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