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I'm making a mixed CD for my friend for Xmas that is a tracklist of songs that mention the Smiths or Morrissey. I know there are probably more songs by different artists than I can think of. So---suggestions?

Here's what I have so far:

-"Mix Tape" -Brand New
-"Toby Take a Bow" - Casiotone for the Painfully Alone
-"Lighten Up, Morrissey" - Sparks
-"Steven (You Don't Eat Meat)" - Sandie Shaw
-"Stephen, You're Really Something" - The Associates

Thanks guys!:)

Viva Mozza

You're the one for me
Farin Urlaub - "Sumisu"


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Stephane used to keep a list on Passions Just Like Mine, but it was massive and he gave up trying to keep it up to date (I think that he posted this reason). These two always make me chuckle when I hear them:

There's a glorious Dubstar Track 'The Day I See You Again' - "The man you have grown to be is more Morrisson than Morrissey"

And Sleeper 'Dress Like Your Mother' - "you lost your sense of humour, but you kept the Queen Is Dead"



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Oh good, thanks for the info, I'll head over there.

Edit: Hmmm I'm looking around Passions Just Like Mine and I can't seem to find it. Maybe it's been deleted or I'm overlooking something.
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Starflyer 59 - "Minor Keys"

the best are made from these
that's what I say to put my mind at ease
the saddest songs are wrote in minor keys
like Johnny Marr I want my please please please


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There is an annoying Jack Turner song that mentions the Smiths. He even uses the 'queen is dead' but still disses the Smiths.
Anal c*** - Art Fag
Anal c*** - Morrissey

Scraping the murky depths of my early adolescence with those offerings <insert "but what 'Rubber Ring' taught me is that..." statement here>


This one, Thou Shalt Always Kill, by dan le sac vs. Scroobius Pip (what kind of a name is that?!) mentions The Smiths -

- Johnny Come Lately...
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The Pooh Sticks - I Know Someone Who Knows Someone Who Knows Alan McGee Quite Well
"Now that the Smiths have split,
I've heard he thinks we're going to be it"

Great song
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