Songs Morrissey should cover


Always crashing in the same car
I've said it a dozen times, but he really ought to cover I Started a Joke. I think that it would be a great statement similar to Pee Wee Herman's
"Has anyone heard any good jokes lately?" upon his public return after the theater incident. Also, he's got the crooner's voice to actually give the song some gravity, unlike the feathery Bee Gees vocals.


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Reckon a "Me in Honey" duet with Aunt Nancy and then Aunt Nancy surprise guest singing it on stage would be top ace m8 inn n n n n n n nn n it. It would chart in the USA.


"In My Secret Life" by Leonard Cohen

"The Future" by Leonard Cohen

"I'll Never Get Out of This World Alive" by Hank Williams

"Except the New Girl" by Chris Isaak

"Back On Your Side" by Chris Isaak

"Hello Again" by Neil Diamond

"If I Never Knew Your Name" by Neil Diamond

"Don't Be Cruel" by Elvis Presley

"They Can't Take That Away From Me" by Frank Sinatra

"Maybe Tomorrow" by Billy Fury

"Remember Me (I'm the One Who Loves You)" by Johnny Cash
Possibly the suckiest list of all time.


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I would also suggest one or two of:

"The List Goes On" by the Ordinary Boys
"Life Will Be the Death of Me" by the Ordinary Boys
"Talk Talk Talk" by the Ordinary Boys
"Over the Counter Culture" by the Ordinary Boys

He could also throw in "Danny Boy" cuz reasons.
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