Songs I would wish to hear at a Morrissey concert...I love it when he pleads

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Don't you love it when Morrissey pleads. I love it when he sings about a situation which is utterly hopeless, and he wishes for impossible things (no Cure pun intended). Its like he knows they're impossible, but still he pleads for it. As in:

please, please, please. let me get what I want, lord knows, it will be the first time.......see the luck I've had could make a good man turn FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE, let me get what I want, lord knows it will be the first time....

Don't lose faith, I KNOW its gonna happen (although it probably won't) someday, don't lose faith.

Inspector don't you know!? Don't you care!? Don't you know about love?!

ther are so many others I am not naming....
I guess I love the dramatics of it all....
god, I love morrissey sooo much....


Heads up to Morrissey's Web Slave: Tell him he must play this in Akron....

"Late Night, Maudlin Street."

It would make me very happy.
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