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I actually ADORE Morrissey & The Smiths (I may be an oddity, I prefer the solo albums of Morrissey to his work with The Smiths... and I bought my first Smiths album in 1987).

Anyway, there are some funny songs against Morrissey... The idea of the thread is to post songs against Morrissey or with at least a negative reference about Morrissey. It's not an anti-Morrissey thread, it's just for fun's sake. The songs are truly idiotic, but somehow funny.

... Post the ones you find.
Not an anti-Smiths/Morrissey song but one that contains lyrics referencing someone who is! The relevant lyrics are "and I'm sick of your tattoos, and the way you always criticize The Smiths... and Morrissey." Note that the song is from 2001.

There are two schools of thought about this one. Nigel Blackwell might be addressing the listener and referring to the Men Behaving Badly actor/cuckolder of National Treasures, Neil Morrissey. Alternatively, he could be addressing his Half Man Half Biscuit bandmate, Neil Crossley and describing our hero. To these ears, there's a definite pause between “Neil” and “Morrissey” which could denote an Oxford comma.

The case against comprises the fact Morrissey hadn’t done much wrong in 2000 when this came out, a non-critical reference to “Gazza in a Mozza mask,” in Numanoid Hang-glide and the evidence that he nicked a line from Morrissey in this song,

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This one is weird... I don't know if it's an ironic song or simply retarded.

"You got Morrissey and Joy Division CDs,
But I don't go for them
I can't move to that beat
I like Marvin Gaye and Gospel music
My soul and my heart
But you call it noise
You always spoil my favorite parts"

LOL... I do not get if the singer is being ironic or if she's really retarded.

He is so awful that it hurts. Sure, he could probably bring some cheer to the karaoke bar, but he's like the end result of what would happen if Jim Carrey somehow ate and excreted himself onto the floor only to maintain life.
aw i like canadian stud muffin and stevie ricks, they both have high quality entertainment youtube channels imo, but like i stated i didn't mean to post that here
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