Song lengths for IANADOAC

By googling the album title I found this:


Sorry if this is redundant. I haven't seen it elsewhere but I haven't looked everywhere.


The secret of music sounds like an interesting song title.
Also, reminds me of......
Damn Douglas Murray - I wish people would aim their ire at Bloomsbury for publishing it, instead of Moz for believing it. Murray is recommended in several of my local bookshops, he's touring in conversation with Andrew Whatshisface & not a peep of protest or real hysteria anywhere.

Anyway - sounds like the secret of music, might be the love & loyalty of fans.
Look at all the people eagerly debating the length of songs that are unlistenable for even a second. BFGs, to be sure. Enjoy.
Yes, but the long ambience before ‘I’m not a man’ was put there on Morrissey’s insistence. Joe thought it was too long.

Morrissey likes it weird too, Sweetie Pie, the breakdown in Black-Eyed Susan,etc.
Sweetie Pie reminds me of something, but I can't think what. An old song or an old movie. Something!

Like a Derek Jarman ghost story.
i am not a dog on a chain info

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