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The rarest of all tattoos: "unreleased".




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does it ring often?
no, and not because I'm lonely and anti-social (which I am) but because it isn't plugged in. Why isn't it plugged in I hear you ask, well because it is currently used as part of an art installation. How can this be so, I hear you cry? Well like most of us round here Ive converted my downstairs toilet into an art gallery. Haven't you? Originally this was a rather weak joke based on the idea that Louver sounds a bit like loo (the English word for toilet) so I would refer to our loo as the loo-ver having hung the Mona Lisa on the wall so she appears to be looking over your shoulder as you pee. I now have reproductions of various artists works including da Vinci, Rembrandt, Warhol, Mondrian, van Gogh, Baouguereau, Hals, Duchamp and Dali in there. The telephone is used in a recreation of Dali's lobster telephone - since you ask.

Call Me by Blondie is my go to song for karaoke.


Game Of Death.
What a lovely idea. Pity the telephone isn't red. Most of those phones back in the 70's and 80's were red or green. :sweet:
you had red,two tone green,two tone beige and two tone light brown,think that was it,very little to choose from.

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