Someone stole a million dollar watch from a baby




Man Plasters Rolls Royce Phantom With Reward Posters for Missing Patek Philippes


What do you do when your baby's Patek Philippe watch is pinched? Plaster an ad offering a $50,000 reward on your Rolls Royce Phantom, of course, and drive around town. Or, at least, that's what you'd do if you were Paolo Zampolli. He's a former modeling-agency mogul and real estate entrepreneur who has a penchant for pricey timepieces. He makes a habit of buying every model Patek makes. Zampolli told us three watches — a Patek Crono, a Rolex Daytona Banford and a Yacht Master 2 Rolex — worth a total of $140,000 were stolen from his Gramercy Park pad in late January. (Karl Lagerfeld lives ten floors below him.) One of the watches has been retrieved, but two are still missing.


Zampolli's wife, Brazilian model Amanda Ungaro, has hers back on her slender wrist, but poor baby Giovanni (pictured) has no way of possibly knowing the time. Ah, he's only 10 months old. The pricey watch was his Christmas present.
Detective Geneva Eleutice is on the case and recovered the first watch in a store on 47th Street in the diamond district. Zampolli said there is an arrest warrant out and the police are working on a search warrant for the other watches. Eleutice is the contact on a poster on Zampolli's car, for anyone with information that leads to the recovery of the missing watches and to an arrest.
(In case the Rolls is moving too fast: the serial numbers are: Patek 554 24961 and 4511200 and Rolex MO54800)


Mom and Dad pose with a friend.
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Sick bastards. The parents not the thief.
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Poor baby. :(
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