Morrissey Central "SOME THINGS ARE MEANT TO BE" (July 14, 2023)

I listened to an AI version of Morrissey singing The Rolling Stones song Mother's Little Helper yesterday, and it was awful. It didn't really sound like Morrissey.
Stop engaging with AI, you morons!
Julia , where are you :confused: I want True -to-You back 😭
In the past month, I’ve heard Chris Isaak (a couple of weeks ago) and UB40 (tonight) sing this song. What a great chaos Elvis made: God bless him.
Lana is amazing. I discovered it recently on the recommendation of Lawrence.Surely Moz likes it. I think a song with Lana would be great for Morrissey. but this AI thing is pretty bad!!!!
Morrissey and Lana duets:

Hi Morrissey! I suspected when I posted these videos earlier that the Elvis Presley one would be your favourite, although I thought your AI voice sounded closer to the real thing in the 'Worst Years of My Life' video. I think if you're ever looking for someone to sing new backing vocals on Rebels Without Applause you could maybe consider asking Lana. People tried to 'cancel' her a few years ago and I bet you and she would have plenty to talk about!

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No idea why they are posting these, this sounds nothing like either.

by the way, has anyone heard Johnny Cash AI singing Barbie Girl? That is scarily good!!!!!!!!

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