"Some Say I Got Devil" official video - Morrissey / YouTube

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Life is never kind
I’m not much into videos anyway. What I love most is closing my eyes and getting completely lost inside Morrissey’s voice...


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A much better theme for the video would have been Morrissey in a revved-up speed boat, somewhere off the Kent Coast, shooting at hapless immigrants as they attempt to get to shore. The name of the boat should probably be 'The Devil'. As dead bodies are dragged onto wet sands there should be a shot of Morrissey on the boat smirking as he changes his shotgun for a placard that reads 'No Boat, No Vote'.

It won't be too long now until his Mexicans fans get the bitter hint of what's to come and gawp at what their beloved Morrissey really thinks.

Morrissey, It's Over! It really is.
so why do you come here? it's not over for you, apparently.


Morrissey never quite got the hang of videos, but God, remember when they were at least adequately funded and made by professionals? Sam "Graphic Design is My Passion" Rayner is more damaging to Morrissey's image than a thousand more ill-advised hot takes.

It's still a lovely album closer, though. The man still has his wits about him as a musician, and nowhere else.


Thanks for your pointers. Since English isn’t my first language, I appreciate your corrections. But from your post, I see you understood my point.

In the future, I’m happy to speak to you in French or German. That way I can be clearer.

But I reckon your a dick in any language. Cheers. Punk.

That would be "you're a dick" as in 'you are'. It's a common mistake.

I wouldn't class myself as a punk, just someone who doesn't feel it necessary to post on a site dedicated to a singer I clearly don't like. Still, it takes all sorts...auf wiedersehen, pet.


It’s pretty amazing how Morrissey has played this. His old fans are wondering what happened to him. His new fans are on full defence of his words. ...and some very, very weak pap about some very, very weak pap that’s supposed to present as “music”.

Strange thing to see young people show such adulation for garbage. Generally, in my personal experience, younger music fans are the one’s on the cutting-edge. Can’t be, with Morrissey. There’s something else at play here. It’s not the music that these tiny rubes enjoy. It’s his wing-nut diatribes.

Diatribes may fill forums but apparently, they don’t sell records.

Morrissey has latched onto the lowest common denominator as a source of validation and empowerment. Problem is, NONE of his new followers give a rats-ass about music. They don’t buy physical albums and they don’t go to shows.

They sit in their single-mom’s basements and hammer on about “free-speech”, people who stole their jobs and Muslims - void of music - while devouring Shawarma, playing Candy Crush and railing about the state of brown people in Little Britain.

Bullocks. ...to the lot of ya!


Shrill disliked your post, which puzzles me as there is nothing to dislike.
Know how many relevant, poignant notes of truth get marked as “redundant”, “dislike” and “troll” around here?

You’re not dealing with fully cognitive or literate folks, ‘round these parts.

Welcome to Morrissey’s Tube-slide Amusement Park!

250 quid get’s you a “Moz in Vegas” CD, a cheap - sweatshop made t-shirt, a ticket to an upcoming cancellation and a f***ing wedge of Kerrygold.

...plus a lifetime subscription to www.spoonfedwanker.com


user number 440 from 1997
not that bad for a home made video

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