Some Of My Favorite Live Tracks


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Hello my friends ..
I'd like to share some of my favorite live tracks with all of you , it were taken from the different Morrissey's live gigs over the years .
I made some technical editions & modifications with all of them ( removed hisses & noises , added fade in & fade out .. normalized loudness to avoid loudness war )

I hope that you will enjoy it .. If you like it , share everywhere .


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So tempted to listen to this just for a laugh, but I’ve just upgraded my laptop and don’t need any more of this swine’s Trojan viruses.
The Live at Earl’s Court was phenomenal.


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Hi everyone, I just remastered Morrissey's entire back catalog by running my vacuum cleaner into my soundcard as the songs played in a house seven blocks away, recorded it all over a flipphone phone from 2005 and then I burned it to a CD and ran a quarter over the read-side of the disc like it was a lotto ticket and then I re-encoded the tracks at 64kbts. Dashed a li'l Comic Sans font over the first picture of Morrissey that came up in Google images.

I hope you enjoy it.
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